Garmin nüvi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

Product Description
The Garmin nüvi 360 GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant is a GPS navigator, personal translator, multi-media entertainer and tour guide all wrapped into one. In addition to all the advanced features of the Garmin nüvi 350 -- including automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, an MP3 player and audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, and much more -- this pocket-sized personal travel assistant comes with hands-free Bluetooth wireless technology, making it the hands-down go-anywhere travel companion.
Customer Reviews
Good buy This product is good for the money spent on it. Lacks some features of the more expensive models, but gets the job done and fits in the budget.

Garmin nuvi 360 GPS navigator It was all it was described to be and delivered on time. I'm very satisfied.

You can't lose or get lost I have owned several different types of GPS units since they were available. I owned the ones you connect to a notebook computer, ones connected to a PDA as well as several stand alone units like the Nuvi 360. This is not an entry class or top of the line unit but offers pretty much what you will need in today's modern world driving. The Nuvi 360 offers bluetooth connectivity to your cellular phone (which must be bluetooth capable) as well as giving you turn by turn prompts annoucing the street names. The Nuvi 360 also offers you live traffic alerts with an optional antenna (about $180.00 or so) which offers 16 months of free traffic alerts. The Nvui 360 also allows you to use secure digital media where you can store mp3 music or photos. The built in speaker is not the greatest but it is enough to use the Nuvi 360 as your speaker phone when connected to your bluetooth cellular phone as well as for the turn by turn prompts. You can buy a FM transmitter and connect it to your Nuvi 360 to play through your car's speakers to truly enjoy your mp3 music or better quality of your phone calls. This units comes with everything you need to either afix it to your windsheild or on your dash. If you don't want all the bells and whislers the Nuvi 360 is ideal for getting you around town. Perfect for road trips especially when you don't know the area. The user interface is simple, powerful, perfect to search for shops, gas stations, points of interest and many more. It is worth the investment.